Undergraduate Study

Duke's Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science departments offers an accredited B.S.E. degree with a major in mechanical engineering. We recently launched new undergraduate certificate programs of specialization in Aerospace Engineering, and Energy and the Environment.

Our curriculum capitalizes on the exceptional abilities of our highly select students to cultivate the learning, thinking, and problem-solving abilities needed to adapt, to develop, and to exercise responsible leadership through times of rapid change. The program provides firm preparation in the essential engineering topics while allowing wide flexibility for students to pursue their own specialized interests, including hands-on research and independent study, dual majors in engineering, the sciences and liberal arts, and study abroad.

Program Goals

Our goal is to graduate mechanical engineers who:  

  • identify and address significant needs and challenges in engineering and society, and effectively communicate solutions,
  • advance in professional careers that may encompass a broad range of endeavors, both technical and non-technical,
  • exhibit intellectual depth and creativity in employment, advanced education and research, and who
  • uphold high ethical standards and show a commitment to the betterment of society through service and professional work.

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