Dynamics and Controls

Dynamics & Controls research in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science centers on several areas:  

  • Complex systems
  • Control of structure-borne noise
  • Fluid-structure interaction (aeroelasticity)
  • Flutter suppression
  • Noise and vibration suppression
  • Nonlinear dynamics and chaos
  • Robotics

Examples of research projects include active control and closed-loop identification of flutter instability in typical section airfoil; active control of sound transmission, active control of low frequency modes in an aircraft fuselage; optimal collocated and multivariable hybrid active-passive vibration control design; approximate dynamic programming; reconfigurable control of aircraft; on-line learning in neural and Baysian networks; sensor planning for integrated surveillance systems; intelligent systems for criminal profiling; ensor modeling, data acquisition and management, and data fusion in the context of swarm robotics; and coordination and control of two robots handling a large structural object performing a series of intricate maneuvers in a confined work space.

Opportunities for Graduate Study

The departments offers an M.S./Ph.D. study track in mechanical engineering with a core in mechanics, dynamics and controls that encompasses dynamics, acoustics, intelligent systems, and robotic control and automation.

The department also offers a program of study towards the Masters of Engineering (M.Eng) in Mechanical Engineering. This 30-credit degree program includes course work towards departmental requirements, an area of specialization, business and management fundamentals, and an internship or applied research experience. Students have the flexibility to specialize on topics of dynamics, acoustics, intelligent systems, and robotic control and automation relevant to preparation for an applied engineering career.

Dynamics and Controls Faculty

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, acoustics, and structural dynamics
William Holland Hall Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. School of Engineering
Broad field of aeroelasticity, acoustics, nonlinear dynamics, structural dynamics, and unsteady aerodynamics.
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
Design and analysis of methods and algorithms for learning and computational intelligence. Theory and approximation properties of network models, such as neural and probabilistic networks, for the purpose of enhancing their learning abilities and improving reliability. Approximate dynamic...
Professor of the Practice
Franzoni specializes in acoustics, and structural dynamics and vibration. Practical applications of this work include: acoustics of enclosures (rooms or vehicle interiors) and underwater acoustics (acoustic radiation and scattering from submarines).
Associate Chair
Conducts research and supervises graduate students in the areas of unsteady aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, mistuning, damping, and probabilistic methods. Principal investigator on AFOSR, DARPA, NASA, and Industrial funded research projects. Provides consultion services to turbine engine companies...
Edmund T. Pratt Jr. School Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
Jeffrey N. Vinik Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
Nonlinear dynamics and vibration utilizing analytical, numerical, and experimental techniques. Fundamental investigations of phenomenon and application areas where dynamical systems theory plays an important role.
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
Professor Virgin's research is centered on studying the behavior of nonlinear dynamical systems. This work may be broadly divided into two components. First, investigation of the fundamental nature of nonlinear systems based on a mathematical description of their underlying equations of motion....
Assist Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
A range of topics in the emerging discipline of networked dynamical systems, which studies systems of physical agents interacting via a communication medium in search of joint control principles that determine network behavior. Focus on robotic and sensor networks, with applications in formation...